Akili Preparatory School

Akili preparatory school opened its doors to its first group of pupils in January 2012 registering a high enrollment of 80 students by the end of first term. The school is located in the heart of Obunga slums, at the prince of peace church building. At Akili we believe that EDUCATION has the power to change the lives and future of many of the children in Obunga slum living in poverty. The main objective of the Akili Prep School therefore is to empower children to learn. In so doing, we deliver an essential, sustainable development solution that endures. The school also aims at reducing unemployment rate in Kenya by employing graduate teachers and also providing an opportunity for students to volunteer during school breaks or holidays. Currently the school employs four teachers on full time basis.

We endeavor to empower the children of Obunga with education, support and opportunities so they can work together to improve the future of their community and country.

 The Akili Preparatory School is located in Obunga estate and consists of a pre-school (baby class, middle class, final class and 1st grade). It offers children staying in Obunga and its environs a chance to access unique and quality education at affordable cost. The students also have access to library services from the Akili Library located within the school compound.

 Akili preparatory school has given us the chance to mentor young children, teach them to know and serve God, help them to dream big and usher them into a brighter future free from poverty and disease that is characteristic of Obunga.